Tips To Improve Your Breakout


Knowing how to properly breakout from the wall after a turn is a critical factor in how fast you swim. As you transition from kicking to swimming can make the difference betweening winning a race and coming up short. If you are looking to gain an edge in the water then check out these tips.

1) Workout your core

The breakout requires a great deal of power and strength, much of which you derive from your core. If you work on strengthening your core you will definitely notice the difference in speed as you breakout during your next race. Here are some suggestions for improving your core strength.

2) Improve your Thoracic mobility

The area between your neck and pelvis must have a high range of motion during the first two strokes of a breakout to propel your acceleration into the swim. The mobility is also important during the underwater segment because dolphin kicking uses a rolling potion in the abdomen to propel the body in a forward motion. Check out some of these workouts to improve your mobility.

3) Focus on Timing

If you do not have proper timing as you breakout of your turns then your speed and power are not going to be useful. It takes continuous practice to find the sweet spot in the turn between getting stuck too deep under water and breakout out too late while you already on the surface. Make sure that you practice at race speed so you are getting an accurate sense of what you want to do come race day. It may be helpful to begin practicing the breakout technique at a slower speed and slowly increasing each time to get a better sense of what you want to do.


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