Exercises to Boost Your Swimming Ability

When you’ve devoted a solid amount of your life to swimming, it is not uncommon to hit a plateau in your aquatic development. At this point, even experienced swimmers may begin to wonder how to take their game to the next level. Or, you could just be crunched for time and worried about how to workout and increase your physical fitness in a most efficient manner. Well never fear, because USA strength and conditioning specialist Mike Mejia has a couple pointers on some awesome exercises you can do outside of the water.

Phelps swimming

Anyone– even Michael Phelps!– can do exercises to improve swimming.

The following exercise below are listed on the official USA Swimming tips and training blog, and Mejia reminds us that they are best done when completed in a circuit-type fashion. This is opposed to a normal gym routine, where you do a certain number of reps per set, rest, complete another set, then go onto another exercise. In a circuit routine, you do each prescribed exercise in quick succession, with no rest in between. Then, you take a short break before doing another set of each exercise again! The result is a high intensity-low time effort to really get your body into the groove of things. So without further ado the exercises USA recommends are…



After a 30-60 second rest, repeat these exercises no more than two more times.


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