The Benefits of Summer Swim Meets

The cold weather can be awful for a swimmer; often-times, being cooped up in an indoor pool can take all the fun out of swimming.  Therefore, most swimmers wait with bated breath for the summer, since that equals outdoor summer swim meets.  I recently came across an article talking about the top 7 reasons that outdoor swim meets are so great.  Soaking in the sun, competing to thousands of other swimmers, sitting on blankets outside, concession stands, sunscreen, card games, stories and drinking an awful lot of water.  Outdoor Swim Meet

When you’re outside waiting for a race, you sometimes spend hours waiting in-between races, and therefore have a lot of time to kill.  However, because everybody’s saving up their energy for the swim meets, you need to be able to do something that doesn’t take much energy, or much space.  Therefore, card games become very popular.  In the Midwest, people play hours of Euchre (according to the author, the best swim meet card game of them all).  You’re not a swimmer, according to the author of this article, unless you spend every Saturday morning in July playing cards with your teammates.  Another great way to kill time between events is escaping to the corner of the warm-down pool to perfect the art of underwater bubble rings.  In addition, with everybody spending time with each other, there are a lot of chances to get to know your teammates; telling jokes, listening to crazy stories and just having a lot of fun.

While heavy thunderstorms don’t really lend themselves to swimming, swimming in the rain can really be an awful lot of fun.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it really is true.  It’s hard to explain, but whether you’re swimming for a meet or just playing around in the pool, nothing beats swimming in the rain.  Of course, it isn’t always that great, as sometimes it gets too rainy to perform, or lightning becomes a problem.

A lot of people aren’t really into going to the beach; the sand is hot and gets everywhere, not to mention that the water can get really dirty.  But when you go swimming in an outdoor pool, you don’t have to worry about that.  You can just sit out by the pool with your friends and teammates; outdoor swim meets give you an excuse to sit and relax outside while also having something to concentrate on.  Plus, it allows you to build that swimmer tan!

Summer is long course season, where you can compete the same distances as Olympians.  It gives you the chance to plot out your times and think to yourself, “gee, I only have 36 more seconds to drop, and I can make it to the Olympics!”.  Most of the long course pools are outside, meaning that you only get to swim in them when the weather’s nice.  Long course is like swimming in a lake; there are fewer turns, which means more swimming.  They might be a bit more difficult, creating more lactic acid and pain, but it also is a great opportunity to compare yourself to the rest of the world.

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